NCSU Roots and Shoots is a chapter of Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots national organization. We focus on conservation, environmental, and humanitarian issues on a local and global level.

Anyone in any major who is interested in conservational issues is encouraged to join!

Check out our "About" page for more information on the club, our "Membership" page for information on how to become a member, our "Meetings" page for our schedule of meetings, and our "Contact Us" page to ask us any questions!

For our meeting we will have Dr. Beamer from Nash Community College and Jasmine Fuller from the Climate Reality Project for a very dynamic m...

September 10th Meeting - Dr. Beamer and Jasmine Fuller

For our meeting we will have Dr. Beamer from Nash Community College and Jasmine Fuller from the Climate Reality Project for a very dynamic meeting! Make sure to RSVP!

Dr. David Beamer:
I am a salamander biologist that works at the interface of ecology and evolution.  I have recently used DNA sequence data to uncover approximately 20 new species of dusky salamanders - a finding that has obvious conservation implications.  I have also recently had a grant funded where I am studying water quality and the correlation of water quality with the presence and absence of the endemic Neuse River waterdog.  I am lucky to have a very nice lab (much better than the one where I got my PhD actually!) and I have involved many undergraduates in research projects over the last five or six years.  I am always looking for additional collaborators and outreach opportunities and there are many ways that members of your group could be involved both in a one-off fashion or in a more sustained way depending on time and interest.

Jasmine Fuller:
Hi! My name is Jasmine, and I'm an organizer for the Climate Reality Project's Know Tomorrow Campaign. This fall, we're organizing students on campuses across the U.S. and globally to let our world leaders know that we demand strong commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions when they go to the U.N. Climate Talks this December in Paris.  
We know that climate change is one of the greatest challenges our planet has ever faced. And even though we didn't cause it, we know it's up to us to solve it. President Obama recently stated that we will be the first generation to truly feel the consequences of climate change, and we are the last generation with the ability to stop it.  
As millenial voters, we can make or break political leaders' chances at election (we've done it before here in North Carolina!), so we know that our voices matter. The fossil fuel industry might have millions to spend to influence politicians, but we've got millions of students speaking out across the world to say that climate action is here to stay. We know that the technological solutions to move toward clean energy exist; now, it's time to make political leaders listen to our collective voice. 

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